The successful sale of a prestige property requires a highly tailored and specialised approach - one that forms the very foundation of Boutique Estates International.

Founded in 2013 and borne from the strength of combined experience across the assessment and sales management of premium and high end properties, Boutique Estates International offers a customised service that elevates the profile, exposure and marketing of those properties, resulting in exceptional outcomes.

Our unique edge stems from an approach that complements lateral and creative thinking with a sophisticated sales strategy, customised to both the property and the client’s needs alike.

Boutique Estates International’s dedicated agency, located in Sydney’s east, represents properties across the city’s vast expanse through to the Southern Highlands of NSW, New Zealand as well as sales across Asian territories including China and Singapore. Our international offices in Los Angeles, New York City and Dallas afford us highly sought after engagements within key North American markets and beyond.

Juliet Anderson

My professional achievements span across Sydney through to Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and afford me an acute understanding of local and international markets. Along the way, I have enjoyed the privilege of getting to know my clients and forming professional relationships that are built on trust, quickly evolving into friendship. If someone asked me to identify our competitive difference, I’d say it’s the value we place on people and the investment of time we put into their properties. It all comes very naturally to us.

Vanessa Gilbert

A passion for what you do should be the very reason you do it. Driven by a philosophy I call ‘client-for-life’, I combine unwavering professionalism with a holistic, human approach that allows me to intimately understand a client’s unique needs. I then respond to those needs using a highly customised and hands-on approach that includes leveraging my expertise in boutique properties, applying my in-depth understanding of evolving markets and utilising my ever-growing professional network to reach premium outcomes.